the 2 cv

In a loud and smoking blowup, a tiny, French-made car called the "duck" breaks down.

When two French tourists lose their way in the street and, with charming enthusiasm, involve one and all in their precarious distress, none of the amused onlookers can imagine that this daft duo could ever find their way back to Paris.


With grandiose fervor, situations become more complicated, streets more labyrinthine, and passers-by more hectic. But their "deux minutes" calms down any situation even when it takes 45 minutes.


1 2CV, 2 actors and up to 500 spectators. Anytime and anywhere - worldwide!


Bängditos theater




Yes, we are planning a new show. Small, interactiv and of course - funny. First rehearsels will start soon...


The theatre project Helix 2 will take place in Hamburg from 20.5. to 2.6. Young Street Artists from Hamburg, Marseille and Shanghai will meet to work out a street performance under direction of Bängditos theaters ...

Johnny's Stuntshow Johnnys Stuntshow

Live from Las Vegas - and only tonight! Buuurrrning wheels and hot duffy action.


A Fountain, 7 meter high and 3 actors at 10 bar. Naive. Absurd. Obsessive.

2 CV2 CV

It burns, it smokes - the 2 CV collapses. When 2 french tourists losse their way back to Paris...